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Visiting Dreamtime

Visitors are always welcome at Dreamtime. We do ask that you make an appointment prior to your visit and that you fill out the appropriate forms prior to your visit (don’t worry, they only take a moment to fill and submit.) We do require that all visitors must be at least 8 years old and those under the age of 12 require approval from the sanctuary’s owner prior to your visit.

Things To Keep In Mind For Your Visit

  • Wear long pants, closed-toe shoes or boots, and appropriate clothing.
  • Everyone is allowed as long as an appointment has been made ahead of time.
  • Please inform us of your experience level with farm animals before coming.
  • Animals will come up to you so caution is always advised.
  • Visits will always be supervised by a Dreamtime team member.
  • You may bring fruits or vegetables for the animals if you desire.
  • Please only feed animals under supervision on a Dreamtime team member.
  • Volunteers are always welcome.
  • Please listen to all directions given while at the farm.
  • Please leave your companion¬†animals at home.
  • Bring a water bottle.
Why can't I just show up anytime I want?

We love visitors and volunteers at Dreamtime Animal Sanctuary but we respectfully request that you contact us before your visit.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. We require a waiver of liability to be filled out prior to your arrival – this keeps you covered, us covered, and our animals covered.
  2. For first-time visitors, we have a mandatory safety training and a quick overview of farm rules before helping out.
  3. So we can line up your visit to when a Dreamtime team member is available.

** Visitor requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the requested visit date.

Why does my child need to be 8 years of age?

We know that maturity, attention span, and listening skills vary from child to child however we have to draw the line somewhere for a standard. We find that 8-year-olds and up generally are able to listen, understand, and follow directions.

Please note: While we do allow children to come and visit, we are not a daycare, summer camp, etc., and as such the adult guardian is responsible for any minor they bring onto the property and must remain in close proximity to any and all children in their care during the visit.

If in the event a Dreamtime team member feels that a child is unable to act in a safe manner for themself, others around them, or the safety of the animals we may ask for you to expedite your visit and kindly leave/reschedule your visit for another time.

Do you host birthday parties and other events?

No, we do not host birthday parties for kids or adults, corporate events, family cookouts, or the like.

Dreamtime is an animal sanctuary for a variety of animals with all sorts of diverse backgrounds (Emergency rehoming, abuse, rescue, end-of-life care, etc). Our goal is to minimize stress on them so they can have a happy existence.

Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring my Dog/Cat/Bird/Comfort Creature?

We do recognize that many companion animals are fantastic at new places, with farm animals, new people, etc.

Regardless, we ask that you please keep your companion animals at home during your visit. Do not bring your animal companion and leave them in the car.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hey! I have fed animals before. Why do I need supervision?

Our animals LOVE it when people bring fruits, vegetables, and appropriate treats. We do have some animals that can get a little too excited about eating, and others who have special dietary needs.

Please ask before you feed so that we can help you and the animals.

Thank you.

Its hot in the summer. Why long-pants and closed toe shoes?

We get asked this a lot.

Dreamtime highly recommends that you wear long pants and closed-toe shoes for your protection. You are coming to a working farm with roaming animals that like to say hello. Closed-Toe shoes and pants protect your toes and legs better than flip flops and shorts.

Please also be mindful of the clothes you wear. We are not responsible for damaged footwear or clothing. Please dress appropriately.

We do also recommend you bring a water bottle or two for your visit.

Get Involved

Find out how you can get involved with Dreamtime Animal Sanctuary in Elgin, Texas. Every hour volunteered and dollar donated helps keep our Animal Sanctuary running.