I had the opportunity to spend time volunteering at Dreamtime and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility there. One of the first creatures that will greet you at Dreamtime Sanctuary is an incredibly lovable, friendly, and sweet little black and white dog named Gus. His tail will undoubtedly wag, he’ll look you in the eye, and you’ll swear he’s smiling right back at you.

When I first had the pleasure of interacting with Gus, he struck me as a smart, happy farm dog but I soon realized that there was way more to this dog than met the eye. With each day I spent at Dreamtime, I started noticing that he would watch and follow the sanctuary’s founder and very own angel, Nancy, to accompany her during her daily chores and to ensure that she was happy and safe. When Nancy would go to feed the goats, Gus was there to make sure she had a clear path to deliver their breakfast amidst the hungry herd. Gus was the first to alert us that one of the horses was “breaking in” to the feed shed 😊 And Gus always seemed to defend the most helpless creatures at the sanctuary.

At any given moment, you may find Gus playing happily with the other farm dogs, laying calmly with one of the rescued cats, checking in on baby goats, lovingly asking you for some pets, or, most typically, walking side-by-side with his beloved Nancy. Unlike any dog I had ever met, Gus has this incredible ability to interact with all the different species of farm creatures at the sanctuary calmly and peacefully.

One of my fondest and strongest memories of Gus involves the sanctuary’s top rooster, Gallo. Gallo was notorious for being the alpha protector of all hens and had no problem letting you know who was boss if you got too close to his ladies. Whenever this happened, Gus would put himself in between Gallo and whoever had gotten too close to Gallo’s hens and, without harming Gallo in any way, ever-so-gently redirect his attention and move him away. Gus was the only dog that Gallo would “listen” to and it was clear to see that they had a mutual respect for each other. It was truly amazing!

Without Dreamtime Sanctuary, Gus likely would not have had the opportunity to interact with so many different animals and serve such an important role. I view Gus as a wonderful example of what we as human beings should (and can!) strive for –  finding joy in every moment, looking out for and watching over the innocent, providing gentle guidance when needed, and treating all others with compassion and love.

Brianna Albert Puchi