Of all the animals at Dreamtime, a blind horse named Hope has found a special place in my heart. She lives up to her name in every way and is a total sweetheart. She’s patient with all newcomers, both animal and human, and remains calm even when a new dog is still in its training phase and learning not to bark at other animals. She spends a lot of her time with Chip, a fellow blind horse. When they’re together, Chip is more sure of his surroundings and is clearly more confident with his friend by his side. Hope is a steady, serene presence at Dreamtime who offers her companions comfort. 

Despite her visual impairment, she’s always looking for a new adventure. She is one of the most easy going horses I’ve met and is so curious! She never allows her disability to get in her way, especially when it comes to the feed shed! Whenever she finds her way in, you can hear her stomping around from a mile away! Sometimes she’ll also come to investigate whenever you’re working on a project. If you walk away for a couple minutes, you may find her standing in the middle of everything, right where you need to be!

Hope is such an inspiration and she always finds a way to make me laugh whenever I’m at Dreamtime.

Ava Bratton