When I think of my favorite resident at Dreamtime way too many animals come to mind.

There’s a very long list of animals I love and miss from my time at the sanctuary. Christopher Pigglesworth, Mr. Chicken, the little sheep herd, Bonnie… but Larry the horse always comes to mind. He’s a big goofball with a couple of screws loose.

Larry was no longer able to be a dressage horse and do all of his fancy footwork tricks. He now has acres to run free and do as he pleases. Larry is full of love but can be quite dramatic, especially when you don’t give him the goat food he thinks he needs. It was always amazing to see him running at full speed with the other horses, trying to keep up with Lolita.

I never really knew much about horses but fell in love with him and the rest of the herd quickly. Each one has their own special personality and quirks and although Larry was near the bottom their off the herd he definitely was top of list in my heart.

Katherine Kraus