An animal’s ability to let go of past difficulties is amazing. I’ve never met an animal that isn’t present in the moment. In this way, I think animals can teach us a lot. This is what I love about all of the animals at Dreamtime Sanctuary. They came here to find refuge, but quickly they forget all the trials of their past. 

I have always had an affinity for pigs. Ever since I was a kid and I learned how smart they were I was in love. Pinky, one of our pigs, particularly warms my heart. I think it is her slow and uneven gait that first caught my attention. Nancy explained to me that she was born with one of her legs shorter than the others which causes her to have a limp. If you’re anything like me, at first you feel bad, assuming that this makes Pinky’s life more difficult. That’s the other thing about animals, they are incredibly resilient. Pinky doesn’t sit around in self-pity that she was born with this handicap. You’ll find her doing all of the same things that the other pigs on the farm do. She is perfectly capable of getting around the property, finding a spot to take a nap and of course- finding the food when it’s breakfast time! 

Pinky is an inspiration to me. A reminder to live life fully and in the moment, allowing nothing to hold me back.

Kelsey McCoy Boyd